Good health and wellbeing for all


To provide humanitarian aid and empower communities to strengthen their healthcare

Who we are

Doctors Worldwide was established in 2000 as a UK charity after a group of international doctors witnessed the Balkan conflicts of Bosnia and Kosovo. The DWW family has now expanded to include Doctors Worldwide Turkey and Doctors Worldwide USA.

We are Doctors Worldwide USA, an independent charity.  We recognize the importance of cultural, religious and universal humanitarian values. By linking medical expertise with cultural knowledge and values, we can build capacity, empower local communities, and produce effective solutions that will leave a lasting legacy long after we've left.

What we do

We believe that access to quality healthcare is a basic human right. Our mission is to bring medical aid and access to health services to communities in need. We realize that sustainability comes by being committed to local communities for the long term. Thus, our approach to establishing centers of care includes a cultural component, allowing us to understand how things get done locally. We ensure donor funds are spent transparently and wisely. Our expertise in creative solutions and experience in healthcare means we come up with ideas that are low cost and high impact.