HappyKIDS Program

Orphans, Vulnerable and Disabled Children are often the most neglected and marginalised groups in society.  Our HappyKIDS program is focussed on supporting these these children through the provision of healthcare, rehabilitative therapies and nutrition. Two of our clinics are located near school compounds.  Providing healthcare to these children, many of them suffering from the effects of deep poverty, gives motivation and incentive to able to learn effectively and stay in school.

Orphans Project

In Sub-Saharan Africa many of orphans have lost parents because of of AIDS/HIV or ill health. Many are abandoned as a result of poverty and abuse. Lots of them end up in institutionalised orphanages. Some of these are unscrupulous set ups trying to secure money and aid; others lack the care and counselling skills to support traumatised children. Many orphanages have a poor understanding of child health or lack funding to take sick children to a doctor.  We provide support care workers  and provide much needed healthcare services to this vulnerable group.

Disabled Children's Project

Disabled children in Kenya and in other developing countries suffer greatly. Lack of resources, training and poverty leave many disabled children and their carers in great difficulty. Many children suffer long term chronic conditions with multiple disabilities. Our work is based in Mombasa and is in collaboration with Cerebral Palsy Foundation of Kenya. We provide rehabilitative therapies and free healthcare to the children. Educational support and learning is undertaken by Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Healthy School's Project

In many village areas local children do their best to attend schools. However, many of them face shocking deprivation at home often going hungry, falling ill and lacking basic health education. Educational attainment suffers and drop outs increase. Poor nutrition causes stunting which evidence shows contributes significantly to poorly developed cognitive abilities and immune systems.  Working with local schools we implement  regular health checks, give treatment, carry out growth monitoring and provide basic public health education to children.



In Mombasa, we jointly supported the creation of a consortium of charities and local organisations to co-ordinate and support the care delivered by independent orphanages. We currently deliver free healthcare services to 8 orphanages which is almost 900 children.


Disabled Children

We support a total of 66 disabled children of all ages including 10 families in rural areas.


Schools Project

We provide healthcare to 6,600 children at primary and secondary school at all our three locations. Where resources permit we provide nutritional support but our general emphasis is on healthcare and health education.

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