Bringing Health Services to the Poor

Our aim is to support the provision of high quality primary health care (PHC).

Effective primary health care is particularly important in developing countries. It has a relatively low cost and high impact when compared to curative and hospital based medicine. Effective delivery of vaccinations, maternal care and treatment of common diseases (such as malaria) is essential for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. Effective diagnostic triage and delivery of chronic care is essential for the provision of universal health care at affordable cost. Together these components support the poor to achieve good health and climb out of poverty.

At the heart of Poor Communities

At present we have three medical centres in Kenya. They are located in semi-rual areas providing local schools and and villages with quality healthcare services.

kenya locations


Our largest site established in Sept. 2014, Tembo has grown rapidly to provide 24/7 health services including maternity, child health, HIV,  general medicine and limited ER. It is located in Muhuru Bay, overlooking Lake Victoria.


Muallafatul Qulub

Muallafatul Qulub or MQ as we call it opened in Aug. 2015 and is approx. 13KM from the tourist city of Malindi. It provides essential primary healthcare services six days a week to surrounding villages and children at the attached school.


Khadija Centre

Khadija Centre is our oldest medical centre estblished back in 2012. In March 2017, we moved to a larger and more modern building based next to a primary school. The centre is located in the rural Rabai district, about 1 hr drive from Mombasa.